@DANissmarter Threatens to Shoot, Injure, or Kill Trans Women

Twitter user @danissmarter (along with Twitter user @katelouisegould) discuss shooting and killing/injuring trans women in the restroom.
(TERFs will often engage in extremely-violent rhetoric, later claiming that they weren’t actually communicating threats using weak arguments. In this case, two different TERFs goad each other on to escalate threats against trans women using restrooms, threatening to shoot and either kill, or severely injure the trans women in question.)

Twitter Account Update – Now Using @TERFisNotaSlur

A quick update regarding the Twitter account:

In order to reflect the Twitter account’s association with this site, I will now be using @TERFisNotaSlur going forward. This should not impact anything but tagging, since I simply changed the user name of the existing account, which means that all followers are still following the correct account. I still have the former @TERFsOnline user name on a separate account, so that one is still under my control, just not currently being used any more.

So, if you noticed a change in the user name, no need to worry; everything was done intentionally, and there was no hacking or anything else involved!

Thanks for all of your support,

-TERFisNotaSlur.com Admin