Welcome to TERF is Not a Slur!

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Welcome to TERF is Not a Slur!

Contrary to the claims of trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs), the term “TERF” is not a slur. It is a factual, descriptive term used to represent their ideology, namely a small branch of radical feminism that excludes trans people (especially, but not entirely, trans women) from any recognition of their gender. The term was originally created in 2008 by a radical feminist who became disillusioned with the transphobic views of some of her fellow radical feminists. In contemporary times, it also refers to those who may not personally identify as radical feminists, but espouse many of the same beliefs of radical feminism.

TERFs routinely claim that they are the victims of violent rhetoric and pernicious discrimination, and that the term “TERF” is a misogynistic slur. In fact, TERFs are no strangers to violent rhetoric themselves, often calling for violence against trans women, and making vague or direct threats to harm or kill people they disagree with. Ableism is often routinely encouraged by TERFs in many different ways, as well. As for claims of misogyny, TERFs can be of any gender (such as cis male Graham Linehan), and the term is used as shorthand (but not as a slur) for specific positions that are advocated by TERFs. This is not an inherently misogynistic usage, then, regardless of the opinions of TERFs.

As TERFs have repeatedly used social media and websites to “track” and “report” on people they disagree with, in an attempt to direct angry rhetoric and attempts at outing towards those people, it is important that people who do not agree with TERF ideologies also have factual websites such as this one to also expose their hateful rhetoric. Any reference to violence against TERFs will not be acceptable here, neither in posts nor in comments. The focus will be on the ideologies, not on making threats against people behind them (unlike the TERF modus operandi).

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About Your Site Admin

This site is run by an American woman (not “transwoman” or man, but a woman since birth) who has become severely disillusioned and horrified by the transphobic rhetoric exhibited by TERFs. As a hard-line, intersectional feminist herself, she is appalled at the negative attention paid to all feminists as a result of TERF rhetoric and ideologies. She believes that feminism’s goal of fighting against the patriarchy can be accomplished without denigrating, harassing or threatening trans people, and that anyone who does those things is inherently anti-feminist. Since it’s a favorite claim of TERFs, she is also not a Men’s Rights Activist, and explicitly disavows their ideology as well.

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