@DANissmarter Threatens to Shoot, Injure, or Kill Trans Women

Twitter user @danissmarter (along with Twitter user @katelouisegould) discuss shooting and killing/injuring trans women in the restroom.
(TERFs will often engage in extremely-violent rhetoric, later claiming that they weren’t actually communicating threats using weak arguments. In this case, two different TERFs goad each other on to escalate threats against trans women using restrooms, threatening to shoot and either kill, or severely injure the trans women in question.)

@DANeverYouMind/@DANissmarter Uses Repeated Insults Before Protecting Twitter Account

@DANeverYouMind/@DANissmarter angrily insults TERFisNotaSlur.com before changing Twitter account name and protecting her tweets.
(TERFs will sometimes react quite angrily to criticism of their ideologies. In this case, @DANeverYouMind angrily tweeted repeated insults at my Twitter account, then changed her Twitter account name to @DANissmarter and protected that account’s tweets from being seen without prior approval.)