@AnneBevan1 Misrepresents Twitter Thread Regarding Trans Woman

During a discussion with @transadvocate (a pro-trans Twitter account affiliated with the site of the same name, not a TERF account), TERF-related Twitter user @AnneBevan1 posted this series of screenshots to claim (incorrectly) that @transadvocate had expressed support for various murderers and abusers in a previous discussion with another TERF-related Twitter user, @quelizinha:

The Problem Here

There’s only one problem. The third image (with the text and arrow added) was NOT actually in response to the questions about standing with murderers. It was actually in response to a question about whether @transadvocate supported anti-TERF trans rights activists from the past:

It would appear, based on these screenshots, that @AnneBevan1 misrepresented what @transadvocate was saying in order to advance TERF ideology that trans people support the murder of people. This sort of behavior should be completely unacceptable in any context, and is a serious issue.

@DANeverYouMind/@DANissmarter Uses Repeated Insults Before Protecting Twitter Account

@DANeverYouMind/@DANissmarter angrily insults TERFisNotaSlur.com before changing Twitter account name and protecting her tweets.
(TERFs will sometimes react quite angrily to criticism of their ideologies. In this case, @DANeverYouMind angrily tweeted repeated insults at my Twitter account, then changed her Twitter account name to @DANissmarter and protected that account’s tweets from being seen without prior approval.)